Samantha Bee and Patton Oswalt Trash Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Samantha Bee In one of the more memorable moments of its brilliant nine-year run, a Seinfeld episode depicted Jerry’s dentist, Dr. Whatley, converting to Judaism just so he could tell Jewish jokes to his patients with impunity.

 After unsuccessfully calling out the shell game face-to-face, Jerry goes to Dr. Whatley’s priest to try and get him involved. Nodding solemnly, the priest asks, “And this offends you as a Jewish person?”

“No,” says Jerry, “it offends me as a comedian.”

Such is the case with a video segment featuring comedian Patton Oswalt that aired Monday night on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, an otherwise unremarkable TBS show dedicated to mock news programming—distinct in theory from the mainstream media’s presentation of the truth.

Slamming pro-life pregnancy centers as “the ultimate hustle” and an elaborate “illusion” run by “con artists,” Oswalt portrayed a magician throughout the seven-minute sketch, which included laugh-track enabled clips of Bee acting as a hyper-religious numbskull running a pregnancy center spliced, with a sit-down interview with the head of the National Abortion Federation.

It’s not so much that Oswalt’s schtick was morbid, dishonest and mean-spirited that makes the profanity-ridden segment of raw sewage remarkable. No, in spite of all its overwhelmingly offensive characteristics, it’s really the lack of any discernible comedy that stands out the most.

As we’ve noted before, not even comedy itself is immune from the bloody altar of abortion’s sacrificial system.

Consider, for example, Oswalt’s jingle as he hides a fetal model—which accurately depicts a baby’s in utero development—under one of three cups: “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Find the fetus, here we go.” Pulling up one of the cups to reveal a fully dressed, several-month old baby, the laugh track responds with glee as the baby calls out, “Momma!”

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