John Oliver the truth how the media turns scientific studies into “gossip”

John Oliver“Coffee today is like God in the Old Testament” Is coffee a miracle cure, or is it a huge risk to your health? If you sifted through the recently reported scientific studies on the topic, you may not come away with a very clear conclusion.

According to various media outlets, studies have suggested that coffee may help reverse liver damage, help prevent colon cancer, decrease the risk of endometrial cancer, and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Coffee will either save you or kill you depending on how much you believe in its magic powers,” Last Week Tonight host John Oliver said on Sunday. “After a certain point, all that ridiculous information can make you wonder, is science bullshit?”

Science is supposed to make us more informed. But as Oliver explained, the way new studies are presented in media often misinforms the general public — and may lead some people to distrust the research.

That perception can cause huge problems: It can lead people to believe that all the science on climate change is wrong, or that vaccines are capable of causing autism, both of which are the wrong conclusions based on the scientific consensus.

“Science is by its nature imperfect, but it is hugely important,” Oliver said. “And it deserves better than to be twisted out of proportion and turned into morning show gossip.”

There are several reasons why so much bad research seems to come out on a regular basis, Oliver explained.