Kate, another Victim of Paparazzi after Diana

The Duke And Duchess Of CambridgePrince William’s wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is known as a beauty and style icon in the world . Her youth, beauty and dresses have won her top positions on various best-dressed lists. But, at the same time, her beauty and fashion style have drawn the attention of the long lenses of the ruthless paparazzi. Recently, stories and debates have hit the newspapers, magazine and the news channels about the publication of her graphic photographs shot on the terrace of Chateau d’Autet, in Provence, South France. She was holidaying there with her husband Prince William. The candid photographs were published at an awkward moment when the couple was visiting Malaysia. The photographs have brought the royal family embarrassment and disrepute.
The photographs were published by the French edition of the celebrity gossip magazine Closer. The magazine is owned by the Italian media group Mondadori , chaired and headed by Marina Berlusconi who happens to be the daughter of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi . It is still unclear whether Marina Berlusconi had any role in the publication of the photographs or not. The editor of the magazine has not apologized . She maintains that the pictures are not at all degrading. In an interview she has hinted that the magazines has even more intimate pictures of the couple.  The French edition of the magazine has been slammed by the public in the UK . The UK edition of Closer has condemned the photographs as offensive and intrusive. The British royals have lodged a lawsuit against the magazine . It is too early to talk about the outcomes of the lawsuit. However, all this could have been avoided if the prince had learned a lesson from her mother’s experiences with regard to paparazzi.

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