John Travolta Promotes ‘Savages’ in Germany and Gets Donostia Award in Spain

john travoltaJohn Travolta has been in Germany to promote his box office success ‘Savages’. According to Celebrity Gossip, the film starts its business in Germany in October and John Travolta arrived in Berlin for a photocall to promote the film. This crime thriller is based on Don Winslow’s ‘Savages’, a crime novel published by Simon and Schuster in July 2010. The movie ‘Savages’ is directed by Oliver Stone. Among the main actors of this star-studded production are John Travolta, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Del Toro. It is about how three friends are entrapped in a savage war against a drug cartel. The film is full of mystery and suspense and deals with kidnapping and revenge in the context of marijuana business. Travolta has played the role of a corrupt federal agent. Released in July 2012, the film has made so far $49,409,598, according to Box Offoce Mojo.


The 58-year-old star recently celebrated his wedding anniversary amid gay rumors and media reports of allegations of sexual harassment. Well, these allegations and gay rumors about Travolta are not new. But, Travolta has always denied all these allegations of homosexual assaults and gay rumors. However, there were controversial reports in May  this year that Kelly Preston had separated from him and left his house. These rumors died away when the couple appeared together on different occasions and displayed gestures of marital love. Travolta has done his best to counter these rumors and save his family life. He has been in Paris on holidays with his fabulous wife to imbibe love from the romantic air of Paris. There, they celebrated the 21st anniversary of their marriage. With this anniversary, the rumors of their divorce died out. Travolta holds that he is happy with his family and that he still loves Kelly Preston  whom he married in 1991. They have now two children. According to Rumorfix, Travolta ‘treats his wife, Kelly Preston, like a princess’. Now, Travolta is going to get the prestigious Donostia Award at San Sebastian film festival. The award will be given at Kursaal Auditorium on September 23, 2012.

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