Scarlett Johansson’s Five Nude Photos

The FBI’s on her side. An attack-dog attorney and (some of) the blogosphere are, too.

When nude pics of Scarlett Johansson hit the Web this week, the actress and her team quickly worked to make sure that they were taken down from any sites that had published them.

But in her war against allegedly hacked nude photos, Scarlett Johansson has more than company, she’s got cover.

Yes, in the long, naked history of private snapshots gone public, there has been no shortage of scandalous leaks:

It really does pay to have a reputation as a nice girl in Hollywood.

Especially when you’re Scarlett Johansson and you need a little help—like, say, getting some leaked nude photos of yourself removed from a website.

“I usually never remove images I get from hackers or third parties,” founder Nik Richie exclusively dished to E! News about his decision to comply with a cease-and-desist letter from the actress’ attorney regarding leaked nude pictures of the star. “When you’re a public figure, you’re looking for attention as far as press and media. But in Scarlett’s case, I felt for her.”

The FBI is currently investigating an alleged hacking ring, a member of which could be responsible for breaking into Johansson’s phone or computer and stealing the private pics.

But Richie insisted it wasn’t the legal consequences that were tugging at his heartstrings

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